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What You Need to Know about Party Tent Event Rentals
If you are planning a party, it helps to be prepared and know what you need beforehand, so that the day will go smoothly. Often times, you get all of the invites in the mail plan for the food, but forget about the event rentals that you need. If you are trying to secure your event rentals late into the planning stages, you may get lucky and find that a company has them available, but this does not mean you are in the clear. In fact, there are some important things you need to understand about party tent event rentals.

1. Ask what type of tents they have available for you to choose from.

There are party tents available for all types of events from a baby shower to a complete wedding and more. You should determine how many people will be at your event and then coordinate with the party tent rental company the best size tent for your event. You do not want to choose a tent that is to small and then have your guests left outside or have to try and manage two tents on the day of the event. With a little coordination and planning, you will be able to rent a tent that is big enough for your entire group.

2. Ask about how the tent is secured during your event.

You do not want any unexpected accidents to occur, which means you need to know that your tent is going to be secured and that it will not blow away in the wind. When you talk to the party tent event rental company, make sure to ask them how the tents are secured. You may be responsible for securing the tent yourself and if you are, then you need to know how to do it and what items you should use. Often times, tents are simply staked into the ground, but if you have the tent on pavement, you may need to use sandbags or concrete blocks to provide some stability.

3. Ask who puts up the tent.

If you have never put up a tent before, you may be a bit intimidated, especially with a large tent. You need to ask the company who sets the tent up whether it is you or them. If it is your responsibility, you need to make sure that you ask for instructions or a step by step guide to do it. You do not want to take your chances, as this may result in a breakdown of the tent.

4. Ask about what to do in an emergency.

No one likes to think about emergencies, but they do occur and you need to be prepared for them. An emergency can be a thunderstorm, it can be a windy day, or it can be a tipped over candle. You need to prepare as best as you can in case an emergency does arise. You should inquire with the company to find out how they want you to handle one of these situations and what you are or are not responsible for. Some companies may charge you for damage to the tent while others may not charge you if there was a valid emergency that occurred.

5. Ask about other services.

You never know what items you will need at the spur of the moment, so you want to inquire about other services that the event rentals company offers. If you know they offer chairs, linens, and tables, you may want to rent all of your items from them, this way, you only have to deal with one company and not multiples. Also let your toronto catering specialist know you will be doing your event in a tent so they can make any adjustments if they need to.

6. Ask about the charges you will incur.

Lastly, you want to ask about the charges that you will incur. Some companies require you to make a deposit payment upfront with the total due after the event or before the event. You should also find out if there are any charges for damage to the tent, not taking the tent down, setup, and similar services. Being prepared can help you budget properly.
If you are in need of event rentals for your event, you need to make sure that you plan accordingly and find an event company that is able to meet your needs. The above questions will help guide you when it comes to choosing a company that can meet and service all of your needs on the day of your event.